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How it Works.... 

Artists who sign up for the email list using the form below will be provided with a theme (such as "Springtime') and a technical challenge (such as "Try to use stripling to achieve a gray-like quality"). Each participating printmaker creates a linocut based upon the theme and is matched with a partner - one other participating printmaker - to mail their finished print to by the deadline. Once the artworks are received artists are expected to provide a kind-hearted constructive critique of how the piece might be enhanced. Partners are also encouraged to write, email and exchange questions along the way. 

Who can Participate...

Linocut artists who are interested in being connected with other printmakers and are looking to grow their skills.


If you do not send a finished linocut print to your partner you will be removed from the program. 

Artwork must be your own. You are responsible for shipping your piece to your partner. The organizer is not liable for any lost artwork and will not reimburse any expenses. You retain full rights to your artwork to use, sell or do as you please with.

By signing up for the email list below you authorize me to provide your name and mailing address to your partner. 

You can opt-out at any time. Please unsubscribe from the mailing list and notify the organizer asap.


This is not a print exchange program wherein you will receive prints for each theme from all participants and are expected to print a large number of your prints for the members. This is a community for linocut printers who are eager to learn, expand their skills and connect with other printmakers. 


Organizer: Rachel Schlothan

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By signing up to participate you authorize the organizer to send you name and mailing address to a new partner printmaker each quarter. 

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