Harbinger of Spring Original Painting

Harbinger of Spring Original Painting


Earliest signs of spring peeking forth in the vibrant purple blooms of crocuses mixed in wild grasses that run as far as the eye can see. Hazy mountains fade into the distance with a breath-taking sunrise sky above. To the side, the base of a lone pine depicted in detail with layers of bark you can nearly feel.

I create these pieces using line-work as a means of exploring a high level of detail, down to the shift in color on a flower’s petal, which is so often overlooked in real life and seen almost as a blur. My intent in using such painstaking detail is to draw in the viewer and cause a pause, a moment of stillness and connection unlike out usual rush to live life. These pieces require extensive research into world-wide mountain-scapes and their native tree and flower specifies. In most cases these landscapes require above 80 hours of painting time.

16" x 20" ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING on heavy weight watercolor paper with deckled edges.

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