Size & Medium

First thing is to decide the best size and medium for your custom project. I work exclusively on paper, but I will need to know if you are looking for a line painting or a linocut.

Inspiration & Process

I am unable to complete your commissions without reference photos. Please email these to at the time of inquiry. If you do not have photos but know the location we may be able to look it up on Google. Additionally color palettes or pinterest boards with color references are helpful if you’d like this piece to fit within a specific color theme in your home.

Unfortunately my style is unforgiving, you cannot make changes once something is painted or carved in. For this reason I do not send proofs and allow edits though I will keep you posted on the progress of the project. For this reason if you choose not to purchase the artwork at its completion I will add it to my regular collection

Pricing & Policies

My prices for commissioned pieces start at $1200, and run 15-20% more than ready-to-ship paintings. I ask for a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to begin. If you are happy with the final piece, the remaining balance, plus shipping, is due upon its completion. If you decide the finished piece does not meet your needs I will offer it to sale to my collectors and you are released from responsibility to pay the remaining balance. The deposit is non-refundable to account for the time I have already put into this project, but can be applied toward other artwork (originals or prints) in my shop.

These pieces take 3-5 months to complete.

To get started on your custom piece, complete the form below AND send your photos to .

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