Interested in a custom artwork?

Are you interested in having your favorite place or landscape made into a line painting? Do you have a special moment with your family that you'd like preserved as a linocut print? Fill out the form below to get the process started. I accept only a limited number of commissions each year so be sure to contact right away! 

Or are you interested in receiving a continuation piece from one of my earlier collections? For instance, do you have a specific flower you'd like made into a floral mini? If so please fill out the form below and I'd be happy to work with you to achieve this.

The first step is to determine a size that works well in your home. From there I'd love to see any photographs you can provide me of your special place so I can work out some composition mock-ups. If you have any color preferences to make the best fit in your home let me know, and if not I'll provide color swatches so you can choose your favorite color schemes before I begin painting. Once I have your approval the fun begins! The timeline to completion depends on the size of your artwork and I'll be happy to provide a timeline in advance and keep you posted with updates. 

My prices for commissioned paintings run about 15% more than ready-to-ship pieces. This is to account for the additional time needed to plan out an artwork that meets your needs. I require a 50% deposit. Although rare, in the event that you decide not to pursue the commission to completion, 25% of this fee is non-refundable to account for my time. If near to completion I will sell the work through other avenues. The remaining balance, plus shipping are due upon completion of the artwork. 



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