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Living and working in California, artist Rachel Schlothan uses linework in acrylic painting and linocut printmaking. Primarily focusing on moments of true connection to ones surroundings, these works feature a high level of detail meant to draw the viewer into a moment of stillness and reflection. Whereas we are usually in such a rush to live our lives that we take in only a blurred version of our world, these artworks highlight the often overlooked details of our environments.

"Motherhood changed a lot of things for me in a short amount of time. My first born is a sensitive soul who flourishes with simplicity, calm and connection. His needs caused me to slow down. To take the time to truly connect with him and our surroundings. That's when I started to see how much I had been missing in the rush to live life. We'd have these moments where I'd be holding him and he'd just settle in and be completely still. Utterly connected to me and to his surroundings. The breeze in our hair, the feel of the grass on our skin, the smell of the flowers in the field. Things that I'd only noticed before as a blur, I began to see the details. And those details amazed me. I wondered, how many other people glance at the world around them and retain something like an impressionist painting without ever really seeing those details and how incredible they are? That's when I knew I wanted to create in a way that focused on those details. But it was a while before I found a way to do that. I happened upon line painting almost by accident. I was looking for two things: a way to focus on small details and a style that I could come to and from easily at a moments notice. My first line painting was just an experiment, but oh, it made sense. It felt like I'd come home. Every ounce of myself knew that this fit, that I could use simple lines to convey the overlooked details around us." -- Rachel Schlothan

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Hindman Fine Art Print Gallery 2018

ArtfullyWalls.com 2018

Placerville Art Gallery 2017

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Just Printmaking Feature 2018

Rise And Art Grantee 2018

Carve Out Time For Art Instagram Takeover 2018

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For Sales Inquiries and Commission Requests or any other correspondence, please email Rachel directly at RSchlothan@yahoo.com or use the contact form below.

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