Why do I make art?

The simple answer is that I enjoy it.

The complex answer if that it is important. When my son was born I was introduced to motherhood, a part of my life which I very much love. And this caused three distinct realizations which led me to where I am today:

The first is that, as a mother, you are constantly being told you are wrong by your children (in their own unique ways). That they will not bend to your will. That they are their own person. That they want to do things their own way. It is incredibly humbling. It is also growth-inducing. You are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone. Forced to think creatively. Encouraged to experiment. You try new things. You become flexible. And that is a very useful skill as an artist.

The second is fear. I actually tried working as an artist once before. But it was hard work and I constantly felt that I was on the brink of failure. Public failure at that. Eventually I decided that I enjoyed it more as a hobby. And I did, then. Motherhood showed me that small failures, regular failures, even public failures do not detract from your overall enjoyment of a part of your life that you are passionate about. After all, we've all had at least one very public toddler meltdown, right? Doesn't take away from the overall experience at all.

The third and final element for me was my children themselves. I was home with them in their infancy's and it was incredible. I wanted to contribute financially to their futures but I also wanted to be home with them. I wanted them to see me following a dream and I wanted them to see me operating a business. The pieces all came together in making art. Which made it important. And the more important making became, the more it led back to the simple enjoyment of it.