Mother's Day Release

I spent the day in the ER pacing and worrying about my son. I should say right off that he is okay. Still sick, but everything checked out and there's no larger issues. The backstory of his illness isn't what matters here: what matters is that my mother spent 6 hrs in the ER beside me, helping in every way possible.

And that got me thinking about gratitude and motherhood, about children and love, about what truly matters in life. And what perfect timing for such thoughts, with Mother's Day just around the corner.

All of my big dreams in life are for my babies: that they live long, happy lives. That they're healthy. That they know they're loved. That they get to follow their dreams. All my second dreams, the selfish ones, are about my art: selling more, making more, using it in small ways to show my appreciation for all I have in this life.

So while I originally planned to release the Floral Minis Series on June 1st, I'm now moving that day up to TOMORROW. In appreciation of my mother and everything she did today, and in gratitude for my own babies and my role as their mother.

All new works will be available tomorrow and any purchases made Saturday and Sunday will receive FREE SHIPPING and will arrive before Mother's Day.

This year, show your gratitude by giving your mother flowers that'll keep.

Rachel HopkinsComment