I am Rachel Schlothan - a printmaker and painter living in California with my husband and our two little ones.

Art has always been an active part of my life. I dabbled in pastels and charcoal as a child, acrylic paint as a teen and printmaking as a young adult. At nineteen, amidst personal difficulties, I took a gap year from college. At my mother's encouraging, I took a series of printmaking classes.  Almost immediately I felt a sense of peace spread over me - a reminder that art is an important part of my well-being.

Currently I am working with linoleum block prints and acrylic paints for an exploration of line techniques in depicting nature, movement and pattern. I find the sharp contrast of black and white a perfect medium for depicting the beauty of the world around us in a manner that allows our emotions to really connect to the image. I have found a number of the techniques and lessons I have learned from printmaking can be translated into my acrylic paintings, creating a unique intersection of subject matter and line study. In this style I have been able to create something unique and beautiful.

The outdoors are a heavy influence upon my artworks. Drawing from my observations living in the Sierra foothills to my years of backpacking trips with my father in my growing up years I have a deep well of inspiration. My love of pattern stems from an appreciation of order and repetition, an underlying theme in many of my works. But without a doubt it is motherhood that has impacted my art the most. Becoming a mother taught me to take chances and adapt quickly when something doesn't work. It has taught me to be courageous, persistent and has given me excellent time management skills.

I hope you enjoy these artworks as much as I have loved making them.